Video Guidelines

To enter the contest:

  • Please read Entry requirements before making your video and create your video according to the requirements.
  • First, download the WWOOF New Zealand Logo to insert at the beginning, end or both of your video.
  • Upload your video to
  • Send a link of your WWOOF video to and include the following information to complete your eligibility in the contest:
  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  • Lastly, share your video link with friends and family! The more “Likes” you get, the better chance you have at winning a prize (WWOOF Office will be judging and one of the prizes goes to the video with the most likes). You have until Tuesday 11th, August 2020 at 12:00 Noon to submit your video entries as stated above. WWOOF NZ will announce the winners on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 at

The contest will be judged by the team at WWOOF NZ Office. This includes Andrew, Jane and Alannah Strange. There will also be a prize for the video with the most likes. This will be up to the audience to vote and cast their like for the video they think is best.

There will be 7 winners: 2 First prizes of $750 (one Host and one WWOOFer), 2 second Prizes of $350 (one Host and one WWOOFer), 2 third Prizes of $150 (one Host and one WWOOFer), and one Prize for the most likes of $500. Prize totalling $3000 cash prizes to be awarded.

We have a number of different categories to help you with ideas on what to base your video around. These are set up like questions and you relate your video around the answer to the question to make it easier on what to do in your video. You will need a phone, tablet or camera and a story to tell!
Here are a few tips to help you get started:

• If you are a WWOOFer try and capture the Hosts farm in your video. And for Hosts try capture the WWOOFers helping out with projects on your property.
• Make sure the video is good quality and not too much background noise eg. if its too windy it will affect the sound for the video.
• Use different camera angels to add variety to your video
• Use slow movements when holding your phone or camera to avoid a shaky and unsteady video. This will make it hard for viewers to watch. A tripod will come in handy.
• Write a simple outline for your video before you begin making it. Set up a beginning, middle and end to help when filming.
• Interviewing hosts or WWOOFers in your video about the question you chose will add variety to your video.. Try not to make this part too long. When interviewing make sure it is in a quiet location so the sound is not distorted. Also make sure the light source is behind the camera, facing the subject.
• Add an opening title (a good idea is to use the question you chose) and a closing scene. (something that relates to your story. This will be the final image the viewer will see).
• Add relevant information to your vide eg, Your name, name of hosts and WWOOFers featuring in the video if any, name of city where video was filmed, name of hosts farm, credit any music where necessary, including the artists name and song, the WWOOF NZ Logo. You can access the logo here: (
• The length of your film should be around 2-3 minutes (no more than 3 minutes).
• Once you have your finished video you can upload it to: and click on “submit your video.” All video submissions will be reviewed before being published.
• Help us share your video by posting it on Instagram with the hashtag #wwoofnz
• Please feel free to contact Alannah if you have any questions:

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